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How can you make events more sustainable?


There are many ways to make events more sustainable which is key in today’s climate. Here’s our top 10…

  1. Choose a venue that is easily accessible by public transportation and has eco-friendly practices in place.
  2. Serve locally sourced, organic, or plant-based food options to reduce the carbon footprint of the event.
  3. Use energy-efficient lighting and equipment and consider using renewable energy sources such as solar power where possible.
  4. Set up recycling stations and provide compostable waste bags to encourage proper waste disposal.
  5. Provide digital accessibility to attendees who may have a long way to travel.
  6. Consider off-setting the carbon emissions from the event through carbon off-set programmes.
  7. Partner with organisations that support sustainability efforts and consider donating a portion of the event’s profits to these organisations.
  8. Reduce plastic waste by not providing water bottles and instead encouraging people to fill their own bottles at water stations.
  9. Work with venues who have sustainable practices in place as part of their event management offering.
  10. Educate attendees by incorporating information and activities about sustainability and environmental issues to raise awareness and inspire action.

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