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3 key event trends to look out for in 2023



There is a growing emphasis on sustainability in the event industry, with agencies and attendees alike looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of events. Check out our sustainability post which features 10 ways to make your events more sustainable!


With the growing use of data and technology, events have the opportunity to become more personalised and tailored to the needs and preferences of individual attendees. The more tailored to an individual’s needs, the better an event is received. Examples of personalisation in events include customised name badges and swag, one-to-one meetings, personalised pre- and post-event comms, interactive engagement, and bespoke itineraries.

Virtual reality.

Virtual reality (VR) technology is becoming more advanced and accessible, and it is likely to be increasingly used in events as a way to engage attendees and create immersive experiences. It’s also a fantastic way to introduce individuals to different event locations or venues without them having to leave their home city. VR technology can be used in a variety of ways to enhance corporate events, such as virtual tours, virtual networking spaces, VR product demos, and VR live streaming of keynote speeches.

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