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A Night to Remember: Uniting Retail Technology Leaders at Elsie Rooftop

The NRF (National Retail Federation) is the world’s largest retail conference and expo, held annually in New York. The event brings together thousands of retail technology suppliers, industry experts, and senior leaders from global retailers to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the retail industry. In January 2023, Hotwire, seeking to establish stronger connections within the retail industry, aimed to host the NRF After Party. The aim of the event was to provide a relaxed networking opportunity for UK retail technology suppliers and senior leaders from UK and US retailers.

Beyond Logistics: Crafting a Networking Experience to Remember

The challenge was to orchestrate a networking party that seamlessly united retail technology suppliers and UK retail leaders under one roof. The event’s success hinged on proficient ticketing processes, meticulous venue and supplier management, seamless payments, and on-the-day event execution.

“As always, it’s the best after party and the one event I absolutely love at NRF, congratulations and many thanks to the whole team for collectively pulling together some of the craziest retailers and partners, introducing us to some new faces (the “NRF virgins”) and getting us assembled on a great rooftop for drinks and networking.
Whilst many of us will leave tired, the memories, friendships and discussions will last far longer.”
Alistair Edwards, Executive Director – Retail IT, Estee Lauder Companies


1331 Events embraced the challenge, executing the NRF After Party with finesse and precision. The team chose the Elsie Rooftop, a trendy rooftop venue in the heart of New York, to create a unique and memorable experience for the guests and set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

A comprehensive social media and PR campaign promoted the event and built buzz around it and 1331 Events managed the entire ticketing process, from registration to payment collection. This streamlined approach eased attendee registration and facilitated a smooth entry experience. By linking both the ticketing and payment process, the ticketing experience was also hassle-free for both attendees and suppliers with 1331 keeping a firm eye on the budget and tracking sales vs expenditure.

1331 efficiently managed all venue-related logistics, ensuring a smooth event setup and expertly coordinated with suppliers. This involved everything from catering and audiovisual setups to décor, lighting, and printing of bespoke menus and coasters. On the evening of the event, 1331 Events were on hand to manage event execution. Their on-the-ground presence ensured a flawless operation and prompt issue resolution.


The NRF after-party was a resounding success, with over 100 attendees from the UK retail technology and retail sectors. The event generated a significant amount of positive buzz on social media, with attendees praising the event for its excellent organisation, relaxed atmosphere, and valuable networking opportunities. The event also helped cement Hotwire’s relationship with its clients in the UK retail technology sector, leading to new business opportunities and increased revenue.

“Thanks for a great event the other night, and of course all of your entertaining company over the whole trip. Have a safe trip back and look forward to catching up soon.”
James Ussher-Smith, Managing Director, TPP Retail