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Seamless Success: 1331 Events and Fast Growth Icons Elevate European Conferences with Comprehensive Event Management

Fast Growth Icons is a renowned business community that hosts a series of regular conferences and dinners in key European cities for the CEOs and Founders of fast-growing tech companies. With a focus on providing valuable insights, networking opportunities, and learnings from guest speakers, the Fast Growth Icons series is designed to nurture growth and innovation amongst the entrepreneurial community and is a key fixture in many founders’ diaries.

A Holistic Approach: Beyond Communications

Having lost a full-time event manager, the challenge faced by Fast Growth Icons was to organise this sequence of high-profile conferences and dinners across all these major European cities within a tight timeframe. They required an accomplished event management partner capable of overseeing all aspects of delegate and sponsor communications, supplier logistics, venue management, and overall event execution to ensure seamless coordination and an exceptional experience for all stakeholders. 1331 Events’ established expertise in event management made them the ideal choice of partner.

“Great people, friendly, good location, right length of time, brilliant organisation, high level of content and the best event for learning and meeting others like me – with highly relevant sponsors.”
Dave Stevinson,Group CEO, QBS Software
“Great people to meet, great discussions and speeches. I was overwhelmed.”
Ero Bozakl, CPO, TIS


The holistic approach aimed to leverage 1331 Events’ comprehensive event planning and execution proficiency to guarantee seamless coordination and successful outcomes for each event.

Deliverables included:

Integrated Planning: 1331 Events collaborated closely with Fast Growth Icons to develop a cohesive event plan that integrated delegate and sponsor communications, supplier logistics, venue management, and overall execution. This approach ensured a unified and synchronised event experience.

End-to-End Management: Beyond communications, 1331 Events took charge of supplier coordination, logistics, AV, and venue management. This included vendor negotiations, scheduling, all AV coordination both pre-event and during, on-site management, and troubleshooting, relieving Fast Growth Icons of operational burdens.

Personalised Experience: 1331 Events extended personalisation not only to communications but also to the entire event experience. Delegates and sponsors received tailored attention from registration to post-event follow-up, elevating engagement and satisfaction levels.

Seamless Execution: By taking on the responsibility of overall event execution, 1331 Events ensured a seamless and memorable experience for attendees. This encompassed managing event flow, technical setups, catering, table planning, and more.

Post-Event Analysis: After each event, 1331 Events conducted comprehensive post-event analyses, gathering feedback from both attendees and all stakeholders to identify successes and areas for improvement, fostering continuous enhancement.


The collaboration between 1331 Events and Fast Growth Icons yielded remarkable outcomes:

Flawless Experiences: The events unfolded flawlessly, impressing delegates and sponsors with impeccable execution, venue management, and supplier coordination.

Elevated Engagement: 1331’s comprehensive approach, which included personalised communications and tailored event experiences, led to heightened engagement, increased attendance, and stronger connections.

Exceptional Feedback: Feedback collected from attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders echoed high satisfaction levels, praising the meticulous execution, seamless coordination, and personalised touch of 1331 Events.

Strengthened Partnership: The undeniable success of the event series solidified the partnership between 1331 Events and Fast Growth Icons, establishing a foundation for future collaborations.