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Valence Solutions uses event to construct a new set of narratives to achieve climate goals

Valence Solutions is a climate change consultancy with decades of experience working with major global corporations both directly and indirectly through strategic channels. They have a long record of climate action and a deep personal commitment to solving the climate crisis, giving them close ties to leading NGOs and scientific experts. Valence Solutions came to 1331 for help with a workshop and dinner event they were running in Washington DC.

The event was designed to generate new momentum and energise messengers to help tackle the least addressed climate challenges

In the first instance, Valence Solutions needed some urgent venue sourcing done for them, as they had a member of their team in DC for meetings who could seize the opportunity to see as many new venues that 1331 could find for them that met their brief. Once 1331 had successfully found them a venue, Valence then requested further logistical support with the event and the sourcing of other local event suppliers and materials in Washington DC.


With less than one working day to find an appropriate venue in an overseas city, 1331 threw all their team resources into the research phase to come up with a unique non-hotel venue that ticked all of the client’s boxes. After multiple hours of research and phone calls to DC, the list was narrowed down to a selection of 4 available options that met the brief, and a series of meetings were set up for the client for the following day. Happily, one of the options put forward was perfect for the event and the client was keen to move forward with it.

1331 then progressed to managing the contracting and payments of the venue alongside that of other local suppliers we engaged such as caterers. They organised all the printed collateral for the event and sourced all the stationery materials for both the event dinner and the main workshop. This included an order of bespoke, personalised fortune cookies. They ensured everything was delivered on time and the client had a full running order of all relevant details, contacts and what was happening when.


The client was delighted with how smoothly the event ran as well as with the venue and how it enabled a day of progressive discussions, solutions and ideas about how to tackle the climate change crisis.

“It all worked beautifully. The materials all arrived exactly on time and were perfect. And the reaction of the guests was hugely positive. They especially loved the fortune cookies, and the printed material also went down a treat. Thanks again for all your help, you were brilliant. I felt in very safe hands throughout and can’t ask more than that!”
Dr Gabrielle Walker, Director, Valence Solutions